An extraordinary business starts with extraordinary people. Extraordinary people start with purpose

Path to Purpose & Vision


When asking kids one of these two questions, which one do you think is most impactful?

“What do you want to do?” or “What do you want to be?”.

We believe the latter is the more impactful question. So why don’t we ask that question with regards to our business. What do you contribute as an organization, how do you add value, why, to whom, what is the responsibility you take as an organization?

People perform better in the context of purpose and meaning. The right purpose and vision releases energy and provides focus and relevance to a brand and to everyone who represents it. Start with an idea that makes a real difference in the lives of customers, clients, members or stakeholders. Set direction and communicate it in ways that connect and compel others. As nothing commands attention and commitment quite like the right purpose and vision.

Your business plays different roles to different groups of people. In our approach we’ll look into this. Surely you also have strengths that brought your organization to where you are today. How to ensure a relevant role in our ever faster changing world? What’s the role you can and would want to play in the future, what would success look like?

Together with you, we’ll ensure all this becomes crystal clear. We’ll ensure you’ll get a vision that is positive, specific and ambitious.


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“You’ve got to give yourself the freedom to dream – to use your imagination to see and feel what does not yet exist.

A vision is not the same as goals or objectives; those come from the head. A vision comes from the heart.” 

(John Graham)