8 critical questions to you about your innovation


1. Aspire - Do you see innovation-led growth as absolutely critical, and do you have cascaded targets that reflect this?

2. Choose - Do you invest in a risk-reward balanced portfolio of initiatives that are resourced to win?

3. Discover - Do you have actionable and differentiated business, market, and technology insights that translate into winning value propositions?

4. Evolve - Do you create new business models that provide defensible, robust, and scalable profit sources?

5. Accelerate - Do you beat the competition with fast and effective development and launch of innovations?

6. Scale - Do you launch innovations in the relevant markets and segments at the right magnitude?

7. Extend - Do you win by creating and capitalizing on external networks?

8. Mobilize - Are your people motivated, rewarded, and organized to repeatedly innovate?


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