Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things

Ignite Innovation


Innovation is a vital capability to build, because it is your insurance against irrelevance, the antidote to margin-crunching competition, a way to out-perform a dismal economy, and a way to build enduring customer loyalty. But igniting and managing innovation is also one of the most difficult challenges facing businesses around the world.

Igniting innovation starts with you: giving your people permission and allowing them to bring their energy to the fore. It will also enable you to manage innovation in your organization. And we can help you to kick-start it.

Our approach encompasses leveraging internal resources and external partners. We facilitate with tools, encourage a pro-active attitude towards skill development, and exploit a full range of 10 innovation levers (e.g. services, routes to market, business model).

Deliverables depend on the request, but in general encompass; defining several growth platforms, developing an innovation portfolio (the balance between incremental and disruptive initiatives depends on your risk appetite), delivering an innovation roadmap with concrete actions to act upon now, and defining how to make it happen and walk the talk.


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